Cara Heacock

Founder, Art Director, Game Designer

Cara was more or less roped into the world of board games by her cousin Marcus. She graduated from the University of Nebraska­–Lincoln in 2011 with a Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Art and has a background in graphic design and illustration. She added web development to her skill set in early 2014 at Omaha Code School and today develops mostly Ruby on Rails applications and WordPress sites at her day job.

Cara does all of the art and design for the games (excluding graphic design services from Cards Against Humanity to finalize the look of Discount Salmon before publishing), contributes game ideas, and maintains the Water Bear Games website.

She is often hermiting in her apartment but can be lured out with promises of food, games, kittens, anime, and/or concerts.

Cara loves cats (and is secretly a cat in a person suit). Any complaints about the abundance of cats in Water Bear Games products should be directed to our complaints department at

Cara and her catCara dressed as Triferatu from ThreesCara playing guitarCara and a stuffed alpaca