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Welcome to Water Bear Games!

Check out the games we’ve created, including the Tabletop Deathmatch winner Discount Salmon and BEEEEES!

Discount Salmon


Discount Salmon is now available for purchase from our Shopify store!

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Who We Are

Water Bear Games is a tabletop games company located in Omaha, Nebraska. Our mission statement is, “Create games to bring people together irl.” As much fun as it is to play video games online, we think the best kind of get-togethers are ones where you hang out with your friends outside of your monitors. By bringing together the nerdiness of games and the social interaction of parties, board games are the best!

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In the News

Check out the episodes of the Tabletop Deathmatch featuring us! Also we get interviewed and receive reviews sometimes.

Featured Story

Tabletop Deathmatch: Episode 9

Cards Against Humanity

May 6, 2014
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2017 HABA USA Game Design Contest Results

August 25, 2017
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Water Bear Games Interview

September 25, 2016
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Breaking into Board Games Episode 22

Breaking Into Board Games
July 13, 2016
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Toxic Lake Fish Mongers: Discount Salmon Review

Women Write About Comics
May 30, 2016
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Sometimes we say stuff.

So We Have a Custom-Built Acquire Game Now

May 2, 2016

Last year, Marcus came across a grate on eBay. A grate with nine rows of twelve squares. Which can only mean, purchase it and convert it into an Acquire board, of course.

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Kingmaker Print & Play Is Here!

April 23, 2016

We’ve uploaded Kingmaker: The Reluctant Coronation to the website. Kingmaker is still a work in progress, so it is likely to change in the next few months, but the current version is available. Go check it out!

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Con Schedule for April and May 2016

March 26, 2016

Want to try out our new games like BEEEEES! and Kingmaker? Then track us down at one of our upcoming convention appearances!

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Get in Touch

We’d love to hear from you, whether you have any questions about our games, or would like an interview, or want to pick our brains for tabletop game creation advice, or just want to chat. We are pretty stereotypical Midwestern friendly (that’s a thing people think, right?).

Location: Omaha, Nebraska
Twitter: @waterbeargames, @discountsalmon, @BEEEEESgame (we are more active on Twitter than Facebook, just FYI)