You may have seen us posting about playtests if you follow us on Twitter, but we’re working on a new game. It’s called Kingmaker: The Reluctant Coronation, and we’re pretty excited about it!


You don’t want to be king. When you’re the king, you have so many responsibilities, and your people hate you, and some people want to assassinate you, and it’s just not your thing. Your goal in Kingmaker is to make someone else the king, making them the loser, and making you—the Kingmaker (see what we did there?)—the winner!

As the representative of your kingdom, you bestow gifts upon the other representatives which will make them king if they end up with all five—the ring, the robe, the crown, the throne, and the sceptre. If you give them the last item that makes them king, you win!

Ring, robe, crown, throne, and sceptre

However, by giving other players these cards, you are also giving them powers. For example, the robe allows you to move a card to someone else, the crown allows you to name a card and anyone with that card in their hand is forced to play it on themselves, etc. You are also trying to give your opponents the five items all in the same color (all red, yellow, or blue cards) to make them king. Kingmaker is a careful strategy game of making someone else king by giving them the required cards, but balancing that goal with not giving your opponents too much power.

We are feeling pretty good about the mechanics. It feels like it’s almost done. And the art and design is nearly done as well! Once we feel like we have a complete-ish game, we’re going to add the print-and-play to our site for you guys to try out, so stay tuned!

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